About us

The FUNtastic events organisation team

With an authentic and creative team, we make sure that every user experience is unique. Our team #FUNtastic energy creates a "feel good vibe" anywhere, anytime.

Everything we do is done with passion, to create happy moments and lasting memories. With a reliable and energetic team, we make sure every participant returns from your event smiling.


Organising a team-building, corporate or promotional event for your brand? A party? As if you didn't have enough work to do!

Don't worry. It just has to be perfect, it has to be brilliant, it has to be better than last year, it has to be better than the competition, it has to go down in history as the most epic event of all time.

No pressure, then.

But you have an ace up your sleeve – us.

About us

Events we do

We’re here to take the pressure off your shoulders. We help you simplify your work, saving you time, stress, nerves and money, because we can foresee every event down to the smallest detail. We understand what we need to do, we work together, and we have the ideas, the knowledge and the experience to make a difference. In our 8+ years of organising events, we have created more than a million happy moments, over 167,880 hours of experience for more than xxx brands and thousands of people.

With our reliable FUNtastic team, we make sure you touch the hearts of the people you care about.

8 + years of creativity
167.880 + hours of experience
21 + upbeat team members
1.974.323 + happy moments

Our manifesto

Our funtastic team energy creates funtastic experiences anywhere and anytime

We love what we do. Not only do we like to say it, we also sincerely mean it: "Let's have a FUNtastic time!"


We understand the importance of a well-built team – key to the quality of any event. We are constantly upgrading our knowledge and our team with outstandingindividuals who respect each other and love what they do.


We are bringing personal contact and warmth back to a world where people rush past each other. In a world that can feel monotonous, we use team spirit to bring joy to people's lives so that they feel great about themselves long after the event has ended.


In spite of and in addition to all the fun we have, all our work is done with commitment and responsibility. We are brand ambassadors who are trusted and aware of our responsibilities when presenting products and services.


Our mission in building a cohesive team, beyond a sense of belonging, is to motivate and empower team members to reach their highest potential and improve their quality of life.


May you experience it with us.

Our promise

"Setting high standards in all areas of our work allow us to stand out from the pack."

Whether it's your staff, customers or partners – we're here to support your goals and take the pressure off you.



We in the #FUNtastic team are people who spread our positive energy far and wide with kindness, openness and good humour.

Experienced facilitators, sales-oriented promoters, trained hostesses, MCs with years of experience, fun mascots, face painting and balloon artists, fairy tale characters, DJs of different music genres – all together we form a big family of upbeat people who always work as one when on site – the #FUNtasticteam. This team cohesion is also reflected in a very positive way at the events! Don't believe us? Then it's time we got to know each other!



We always identify with the brand we're representing.

We have worked with a number of leading companies in Slovenia and have increased the visibility of various brands through our presence. With our #FUNtastic energy and positive approach to work, we spread goodwill and strive to ensure that every participant takes home a positive experience and lasting memories, building trust in the brand further.

Create funtastic experiences

Let our experienced team help you tailor a team-building session or event to suit the participants and your objectives. Trust us with your wishes and we'll create a FUNtastic event for you. We've sent people on journeys to the moon, to dance with Severina, to take a run down the giant ski jumping hill at Planica, to cook 3,000 kebabs, to create superheroes, and much more.

We're here to support your goals

Call us, email us or fill in the simple contact form. The choice is yours. We'll quickly help you find the right solution for your event! Fields marked * are mandatory!


fun4u d.o.o. places particular emphasis on the security of your personal information. More details regarding the use and processing of your personal information can be found in the Privacy Policy.

Creating happy moments  and lasting memories.

Get in touch with us, we will be happy to help you.

fun4u d.o.o. places particular emphasis on the security of your personal information. More details regarding the use and processing of your personal information can be found in the Privacy Policy.
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